I have 12 years’ experience in creating online digital products. I led Product, Branding, Design and User Experience interactions, in a large number of projects, collaborating with startups, enterprises and boutique clients.

Today I focus on the implications of the digital world on users, on societies and the future of democracy. I research the formation of habits, what makes us click, and how cognitive design and technical manipulation trigger us to action. For better and worse. 

MA graduate, Cum Laude, in Communications and New Media from IDC Herzliya, mastered in digital marketing and political strategy. And a lecturer, since 2011 at “Studio 6b” in Tel Aviv, teaching interactive design, introduction to the internet and creative thinking.  


A sample of my academic research: 

I mainly focused on Facebooks’ contribution, for better for worse, either as prospers to the democratic process or labeled as a threat. As a challenge to modern sovereign states, struggling to keep its citizens safe while maintaining peace.  

I also delve into problems such as: Fake news & fake users, content analysis of political incitement, sentiment classification of hate speech against the Left, and the majority illusion effect on social networks. 

I also co-wrote the Hebrew Wikipedia page “Cyberspace sovereignty”, where we detailed power wars between modern states, digital super companies and everyday users, as they clash on the borders of control.

We met in my BA 2nd year and haven’t parted since. I’ve researched and map historical problems that can be solved by small adaptations, in an effort to provide people options, they do the rest.  

Lastly, AFRICA has a special place in my heart.
Deliver pragmatic fixes and easy to use solutions to improve digital products. 
I advise on Web and App User Experience & Interface, on how to best present ideas to investors, and how to transform boring information into appealing visual products.